Frequently Asked Questions from Consignors

When is the registration deadline? Consignors have until Sunday at 11:59pm before the sale week to register and enter their items in our online system (My Consignment Manager). For information on this option, please email us at

Can I donate my unsold items? We are happy to hear that you’d like to donate your items! You will simply mark your items as “donate” in My Consignment Manager, a notation will be printed on your tag and you will have a record for your taxes. We will handle the donation for you. We then arrange the donation pick up with our local charities at the end of the sale.

Can I hand-write my tags? We apologize, but handwritten tags will not be accepted. All items must be tagged using the My Consignment Manager Program. Your tags will print with a barcode on them, which is scanned at checkout. The Program is user friendly and makes the entire process go much faster for both the consignor and the buyer.

Can I sell in more than one of your sales? Yes, please do! Once you have registered in My Consignment Manager you are a “Twice Loved Consignment” Consignor. We will have multiple sales per year. 

Do I need to be present at the sale to consign my items? Consignors do not have to stay with their items during the sale. Simply prepare, tag, bring the items to drop-off, and then place them out on the sales floor. We do the rest!

How can I consign my items? Consignors first register on line at the Twice Loved Kids website. There will be a registration fee. Once registered you will then receive a consignor number and set your password. This allows you to access your online account. Within your account you are able to price and create tags for your items. You are responsible for preparing, tagging, and bringing your items to the location prior to the consignment event.

How can I find out which items sold? My Consignment Manager will allow you to view each item as sold, not sold, or donated. You can login each night of the sale (we will send an email to let you know that the sales have been uploaded) to track your daily sales and get an estimated total.

How do I price my items? You can expect to sell your items for 25-40% of the original retail price. So when pricing your items take the retail price you paid and set the Twice Loved Kids price at 25-40% of the paid price. Also take into account the condition of the item, if the tags are still on the piece, and the Brand of the item you are pricing. You can always refer to our Pricing Guide to get a more detailed ranges of pricing per item by category.

How many items may I consign? We have a minimum requirement of 15 items. At this time we have no maximum numbers of items that you can consign.

How much will I make? Consignors (non-VIP MOM) will make a minimum of 60% of each item’s selling price. Volunteer a 4 hour shift and receive 2.5% more commission Volunteer TWO 4 hour shifts or ONE 8 hour shift and receive 5% more commission. 10% additional commission (70% total commission) is the maximum a consignor can make. Earn registration fee back when you volunteer total of 12 hours “one shift must be Sunday.”

What do you mean by Seasonally Acceptable? By ”Seasonally Acceptable”we mean that we will only accept items applicable to the upcoming season (i.e. Halloween costumes, Snow Gear, Heavy Jackets, Special Occasion/Holiday Dresses etc. will only be allowed for the fall sale. Easter Dresses, Sand Toys, 4th of July items etc. will only be allowed at the spring sale) unless we decide to open the sale to all season clothes and toys.

What if I can’t pick up my items the last day of the sale? You can choose to donate your items to our selected charities. You could also work out a pick up by a friend, family member or fellow consignor. We will just need to have your authorization with the person’s name to release your unsold inventory. We will not release any items to someone other than you without prior authorization. There are no EXCEPTIONS made.

What if I registered to consign but am no longer able to participate? If you registered to consign but are no longer able to participate, we ask that you go into My Consignment Manager and unregister yourself from the season’s/location’s event. This is important so that we have an accurate consignor count before the sale begins. If you fail to unregister for more than 1 event we will have to block you from registering for future events. As a reminder, registration is nonrefundable. In some cases we will transfer your registration to the following sale. This is a case by case decision made at the discretion of Twice Loved Kids Owners, Michelle or Kristy.

What is consignment? Consignment means that we sell your gently used items for you. We do all of the marketing to bring the shoppers to the sale and in return we receive a percentage of your selling price. Our seasonal consignment event offers you a great way to make more money on your items with less work than garage sales,Facebook Market Place, Craigslist, eBay or traditional consignment stores. An added bonus is that in 3 days time your items can sell rather than take weeks or even months with other methods. Twice Loved Kids will organize your items and display your pieces just like a retail store but in our Event location.

What is the Drop Off/ Check-in process? Drop-Off is 1 day prior to the start of the public sale. You can expect your drop off to be approximately 30-45 minutes. Bring your items to check-in at your predetermined time (chosen during registration) grouped by size & gender for clothing and other similar items grouped together. We then thoroughly inspect your all of your items. To maintain the high quality our shoppers expect we will not accept items with stains, rips, frayed, piled, missing or broken pieces, or items that are out of style or season. All items will be accepted and or denied at our discretion. You will need to sign a release of liability for any missing or damaged items (an extremely rare occurrence). Please note that all consignors must be present while their items are being inspected, unless you are choosing to “Donate All.” Once items have been inspected and accounted for, consignors then place the accepted items on the sales floor in their respective areas/gender & size.

What Items Do You Accept? We accept items infant through teen as well as maternity. This includes gently used children’s clothing, shoes and accessories, toys (indoor and outdoor), furniture, bedding, strollers, baby gear, games, DVDs, and so much more. Maternity items accepted include gently used maternity clothing, diaper bags, and breast pumps. All consigned items must be laundered and in excellent condition without tears or stains and in current style. All items must be complete with no missing pieces and must include working batteries. Please visit our Accepted Items page.

When will I get my commission check? Checks will be mailed to your address on file (it is the consignor’s responsibility to update their address if they have recently moved) in the My Consignment Manager system within fourteen business days from the end of the sale.

Why are you so strict about quality? Why can’t I sell“play clothes”? We offer the highest quality “in style” items that are in excellent condition at our event. Please don’t be offended if we turn away some of your items, keeping our quality level extremely high is beneficial for all buyers and sellers.

Why do I need to give a detailed description on tags? Giving a detailed description of your items helps if a tag becomes separated from an item. We have a much better chance of locating the item in the database (and a better chance of SELLING it) when the items are tagged with detailed descriptions. We won’t be able to determine whom the “Batman Toy” belongs to (as that is too vague of a description and could imply many toys), but will have a better chance of locating and replacing the tag when a detailed description is provided (i.e.“Batman Wheelie Car& Cave Set”)

Why is there a Registration Fee? Your registration fee goes towards the consigning software, site rental, insurance, marketing of the event, and the administrative costs of the event. This fee will be charged during registration and can be paid through PayPal with your debit or credit card. You do NOT have to have a PayPal account to use this feature. Consignors can check out as “guests” and use your credit or debit card.

Will I get my hangers back? As the sale is growing at a rapid pace, we can no longer collect hangers for consignors. Opening day is the busiest time that we sell the largest number of items. During this time, it is nearly impossible to collect hangers and efficiently keep our checkout line moving. Thank you for your understanding.